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I have a small cache of serviceable used and new (repro) parts that are from my ’64 convert.  A majority of them are applicable to other C2s and most small blocks. 

Parts that I am trying to find a useful home for are a combination of:

  • New, never used repro parts that I purchased,
  • Some used, repairable or restorable original “correct” parts that were removed from my car or,
  • Used service replacement and fully functional parts that I removed from my car.

I will never use these parts, they are taking up space in my basement.  I would like to see them go to use rather than collect dust in my basement and eventually be thrown out.  These items would be ideal for someone that is repairing / restoring a C2 driver that will not be judged.  Most are offered for free for the asking.  For other parts I am asking a reasonable price (or your best offer).  Either way, you pay shipping, or I can hold a part for you until the next time we see each other at a MAC event.  Feel free to ask questions, for more details or pictures.  Contact me at edszeliga@comcast.net or 703-862-8101.

Free Parts: (For NCRS members only)

1.  Heater Core Cover:  This is an original cover, P/N on the inside is 3156854. The finish is not correct, previous owner sanded it and sprayed it semi-gloss black; fiberglass “pattern” has been sanded smooth and does not exist.  Also, the lower right corner in vicinity of a hole for a fastener is damaged – someone handy at fiberglass repair could repair it.  Damaged area is not easily visible when installed, cover is fully functional.  Metal brace for heater motor is intact and good.  This cover can be repaired, cleaned up, sprayed black and installed.

2.  Seat Belts:  No longer available

3.  Leaf spring center bolt:   Nut & bolt, new, never used, it was part of a Quanta spring restoration kit.  Bolt is longer than OEM, would have to be cut; bolt head is too high – MUST be ground down or it will crack the diff case when all is torqued down.

4.  Water Outlet:  Thermostat “goose neck”, cast iron, magnetic, used; markings on it are “11 GM” and a 7 digit number that is hard to read, looks like “6706018”.   Not sure this is a small block part but it is the right angle, and diameter – it fits and functions correctly.

5.  Radiator Drain Plug:  Hex nut that screws into the bottom of the radiator is aluminum, the “T” handle is magnetic; used, good condition, clean threads.

6.  Vent Window Crank Handle:  2 each, original, used, slightly pitted, condition good.

7.  Door Window Crank Handle:  2 each, original, used, slightly pitted, condition good.

8.  Differential Mounting Cushion:  Large cushion only with large zinc washer / spacer and insert zinc washer (3 pieces).  All new, none of the parts are used, similar to Paragon P/Ns 5751 & 6527K.

9.  Water Pump - Heater Hose Nipple:  1/2" N.P.T., long hex, exc. A.I.R. Use with 3/4" hose.  Similar to Paragon item # 1209.  “China” stamped into it.  This is a used part, good condition, no rust, clean threads.

10.  Horn Relay:  Delco Remy 824, does not work, correct cover, appearance excellent.

11.  Horn Relay:  Unknown brand, “Made in USA”; used, fully functional, appearance excellent.  

12.  Expansion Tank Strap Bolts:  2 bolts & 2 washers, black; bolts do not have correct head mark, they have 2 small circles on the heads, used, excellent condition.

13.  Door Reflector Housings:  Two each, original, used, chrome slightly pitted, no red reflectors.

14.  Door Lock Reflector Housings:  Two each, original, uses, chrome slightly pitted, no red reflectors.

15.  Master Cylinder Cap:  Repro, no markings, used, good condition, no rubber.  

16.  Fuel Filler Door Bezel Screws:  4 screws for the fuel door bezel, Paragon P/N 3605K – 4; new, never used, black spring clips not included.

17.  Outside Mirror Gasket:  One gasket, black, new, never used, part of Paragon P/N 1109K.

18.  Exhaust Flanges:  For 2½ inch exhaust system, includes 2 metal “donuts”.  Used, not correct for judging but they fit and are in very good condition.

19.  Interior Rear View Mirror:  With ball stud; used, chrome metal frame only, no “mirror”. 

20.  Jack Hold Down Spring:  Double hook, with black spring for 65-67 Corvette.  Used, very good condition, no rust.  Similar to Paragon P/N 3493  

21.  Gas Cap:  “VENTED”, used, likely a repro no markings on back side. Serviceable.

22.  Outer Tie Rod Ends:  Left & Right, repro, brand unknown.  Used, clean, no rust, tight, good threads, serviceable.

23.  Kick Panel Attaching Screws:  8 Philips head screws, 1 inch long, with integrated washer, chrome.  New, never used.  From Paragon P/N 12278K.     


Parts for Sale:  (If you don’t like my asking price, make an offer).

1.  Blower (heater) Motor Fan: Fan only, used, good condition, surface rust but perfectly round & balanced.  $5.00

2.  Exhaust Tips:  Chrome, no seam, no part #, used, not magnetic – very good condition $10.00 

3.  Nipple, Water Pump to Intake Manifold:  87 degree, for 327 w/Sp Hi Perf engine only.  Same as Paragon P/N 1059.  Used, no markings of any kind, excellent condition, clean threads. $5.00

4.   Outside Mirror (glass only):  Round mirror, used, no date or MFR marking, excellent cond, $3.00.

5.  Adjustable Rear Strut Rod Kit:  Includes all hardware; excellent condition, used, had them on my car less than 1 year.  Excellent cond; Paragon P/N 14916K.  $50.00

6.  Rear Leaf Spring Mount Kit: 4 bolts, “WB” headmark, 9/16-12x3 9/16" grade 8, black phosphate.  Attaches spring to rear differential cover, for 9 leaf spring set.  New, never used, Paragon P/N 6647K   $3.00

7.  Rear Shock Shafts:  Left & Right, attaches to spindle support; includes 4 bolts, used, excellent condition.  Paragon P/N 1308K & 1311K. $25 for the pair.

8.  Trailing Arm Pivot Bolts:  Two bolts, zinc, 4-3/8 inches long, “TR” head markings, two castle nuts.  Paragon P/N 1789K-2 (no washers or cotter pins).  Used, excellent cond. $5.00

9.  Rear Differential Bolt Kit:  Includes 6 “WB” headmark bolts, 6 lock washers & 4 flat washers.  Mounts differential cover to cross member and cross member to frame. Paragon P/N 6314K, new, never used.  $3.00

10.  Horseshoe Clips for Brake Line:  4 each, Zinc; secures rubber brake hose to frame.  New, never used.  Paragon P/N 6113; $5.00

11.  Expansion Tank:  Harrison, “3155416”, dated “73K”, used, overflow drain tube damaged.  Tank is in fair, serviceable condition; a new Paragon “tube repair kit” (P/N 1792K) included; Make offer.

12.  Front Splash Shield Outer Seal Kit:  Two pieces, black foam / rubber; new, never used, correct size and shape, they do not have the “3 small ribs”; Paragon P/N 4323K.  $4.00

13.  Pulley, Upper:  Mounts to water pump; two belt, 7-3/16 diameter, ½ inch V depth.  Used, excellent condition, true, no wobble.  Number on front is “9035C”.  Similar in dimensions and appearance to Paragon P/N 1761.  $25.00

14.  Eaton Fan Clutch:   “CK” mark on back; date code “B04A1”.  Fully functional, very good appearance, no broken veins.  This is likely a GM service replacement, it has an orange seal in the front, does not have the two small flat areas on the outside edge that have no veins or fins.   $10.00

Mid-Atlantic Chapter, N.C.R.S. Inc
Mid-Atlantic Chapter, N.C.R.S. Inc

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