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I have a small cache of serviceable used and new (repro) parts that are from my ’64 convert.  A majority of them are applicable to other C2s and most small blocks. 

Parts that I am trying to find a useful home for are a combination of:

  • New, never used repro parts that I purchased,
  • Some used, repairable or restorable original “correct” parts that were removed from my car or,
  • Used service replacement and fully functional parts that I removed from my car.

I will never use these parts, they are taking up space in my basement.  I would like to see them go to use rather than collect dust in my basement and eventually be thrown out.  These items would be ideal for someone that is repairing / restoring a C2 driver that will not be judged.  Most are offered for free for the asking.  For other parts I am asking a reasonable price (or your best offer).  Either way, you pay shipping, or I can hold a part for you until the next time we see each other at a MAC event.  Feel free to ask questions, for more details or pictures.  Contact me at edszeliga@comcast.net or 703-862-8101.

Free Parts: (For NCRS members only)

3.  Leaf spring center bolt:   Nut & bolt, new, never used, it was part of a Quanta spring restoration kit.  Bolt is longer than OEM, would have to be cut; bolt head is too high – MUST be ground down or it will crack the diff case when all is torqued down.

4.  Water Outlet:  Thermostat “goose neck”, cast iron, magnetic, used; markings on it are “11 GM” and a 7 digit number that is hard to read, looks like “6706018”.   Not sure this is a small block part but it is the right angle, and diameter – it fits and functions correctly.

5.  Radiator Drain Plug:  Hex nut that screws into the bottom of the radiator is aluminum, the “T” handle is magnetic; used, good condition, clean threads.

6.  Vent Window Crank Handle:  2 each, original, used, slightly pitted, condition good.

7.  Door Window Crank Handle:  2 each, original, used, slightly pitted, condition good.

9.  Water Pump - Heater Hose Nipple:  1/2" N.P.T., long hex, exc. A.I.R. Use with 3/4" hose.  Similar to Paragon item # 1209.  “China” stamped into it.  This is a used part, good condition, no rust, clean threads.

12.  Expansion Tank Strap Bolts:  2 bolts & 2 washers, black; bolts do not have correct head mark, they have 2 small circles on the heads, used, excellent condition.

13.  Door Reflector Housings:  Two each, original, used, chrome slightly pitted, no red reflectors.

14.  Door Lock Reflector Housings:  Two each, original, uses, chrome slightly pitted, no red reflectors.

15.  Master Cylinder Cap:  Repro, no markings, used, good condition, no rubber.  

17.  Outside Mirror Gasket:  One gasket, black, new, never used, part of Paragon P/N 1109K.

18.  Exhaust Flanges:  For 2½ inch exhaust system, includes 2 metal “donuts”.  Used, not correct for judging but they fit and are in very good condition.

19.  Interior Rear View Mirror:  With ball stud; used, chrome metal frame only, no “mirror”. 

21.  Gas Cap:  “VENTED”, used, likely a repro no markings on back side. Serviceable.

22.  Outer Tie Rod Ends:  Left & Right, repro, brand unknown.  Used, clean, no rust, tight, good threads, serviceable.


Parts for Sale:  (If you don’t like my asking price, make an offer).

2.  Exhaust Tips:  Chrome, no seam, no part #, used, not magnetic – very good condition $10.00 

3.  Nipple, Water Pump to Intake Manifold:  87 degree, for 327 w/Sp Hi Perf engine only.  Same as Paragon P/N 1059.  Used, no markings of any kind, excellent condition, clean threads. $5.00

4.   Outside Mirror (glass only):  Round mirror, used, no date or MFR marking, excellent cond, $3.00.

5.  Adjustable Rear Strut Rod Kit:  Includes all hardware; excellent condition, used, had them on my car less than 1 year.  Excellent cond; Paragon P/N 14916K.  $50.00

7.  Rear Shock Shafts:  Left & Right, attaches to spindle support; includes 4 bolts, used, excellent condition.  Paragon P/N 1308K & 1311K. $25 for the pair.

8.  Trailing Arm Pivot Bolts:  Two bolts, zinc, 4-3/8 inches long, “TR” head markings, two castle nuts.  Paragon P/N 1789K-2 (no washers or cotter pins).  Used, excellent cond. $5.00

11.  Expansion Tank:  Harrison, “3155416”, dated “73K”, used, overflow drain tube damaged.  Tank is in fair, serviceable condition; a new Paragon “tube repair kit” (P/N 1792K) included; Make offer.

12.  Front Splash Shield Outer Seal Kit:  Two pieces, black foam / rubber; new, never used, correct size and shape, they do not have the “3 small ribs”; Paragon P/N 4323K.  $4.00

Mid-Atlantic Chapter, N.C.R.S. Inc
Mid-Atlantic Chapter, N.C.R.S. Inc

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